Personal Details


Names :   Omar  Leandro


Last Names :  Nahúm Sheikha.


Age :    50


Birthdate :          August 3rd, 1970


Birthplace :         Buenos Aires City, Argentina


Foreign Languages :        * ENGLISH (Professional Level)

                                         * Portuguese (Intermediate)

                                         * German & Swiss German (Intermediate)

                                         * French (Intermediate)

                                         * Italian (Intermediate)

                                         * Arabic (Beginner w. Good Reading and Listening Comprehension)

                                         * Catalan/Valencian/Galician/Dutch/Afrikaans

                                            (Very Good Reading and Listening Comprehension)

                                         * Guarani/Russian/Polish/Ukrainian/Romanian/



                                            (Good Listening Comprehension)


Professional Qualification :    TV & Radio Broadcast Producer and Director

                                                                 Professional License # 118 (Argentina)




Field of Human Sciences


      Human, Social, political, communication, and education sciences Independent Researcher and 
        Instructor .


      Human, Personal, Social, and Cultural Development Facilitator & Consultant.


      Specialist in Public Policy Making, Delivery, and Implementation.


      Development of Consciousness science Independent Researcher and Instructor.


      NGO Facilitator and Consultant.


      International NGO Representative to the United Nations Organization (Geneva,         



Field of Languages


      English and Spanish languages Independent Researcher and Instructor.
      Translation and Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreting (from Spanish into 
        English and vice versa) Independent Researcher and Instructor .
      Self-taught English-Spanish, Spanish-English Translator and Consecutive and
        Simultaneous Interpreter.


      Book and Copy Editor in Spanish and English.



Mass Communication & The Media


      Certified TV & Radio Broadcast Producer and Director.
      Self-taught Radio Host.
      Radio Broadcast, TV, and Multimedia Production Facilitator and Consultant.



Field of the Arts


       Professional Arabian and Oriental Dancer.
                         ~ Master Teacher ~
       Arabian and Oriental Dance Instructor.
       Show Producer and Director.
       Art Realization and Production Facilitator and Consultant.




Frequent Facilitation and Consultancy Services ~


* Media & Multimedia Production.


* Comprehensive Communication Strategies for Mass Media & Multimedia companies, Communications Firms, Product & Service Providers, Industry, and NGOs in different countries.
* Comprehensive Business Engineering (Local, Regional, National & Global).


* Comprehensive (Anthropological & Technical) Market Research.
* Human Resources: Recruitment, Selection, Training, and Work & Workforce Dynamics.
* Comprehensive Business Firm Communication Strategies: Social Impact, Public Acceptance, and Social Responsibility; Internal Communication & Social Interaction; Multimedia Communication; Advertising Strategies; Interfirm Relationship & Cooperation; Institutional Relations.
* Networking.
* Eco Production: Ecological & Sustainable Development Processes and Projects.
* Product and Service Globalization & Glocalization
* Comprehensive (psychophysical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual) Personal and Group Development.
* Constructive use of personal and group crises.


* Collectivism, Cooperativism, and Associativity.


* Non-Governmental Organizations: Establishment and Management.


* Volunteerism and Service Activities.


* Social & Community Development Processes and Projects.
* Creative and Art Processes and Projects.
* Production & Management in Art.
* Individual, Group, and Collective Training and Learning.
* English & Spanish Training and Learning.
* Literary, Technical, and Scientific English-Spanish, Spanish-English Translation.
* Consecutive and Simultaneous English-Spanish, Spanish-English Interpreting.










* * *

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