Field of Human Sciences


For the last 38 years (since 1982), Omar Leandro Nahúm Sheikha has devoted himself to the independent research into and instruction of Human, Social, Political, Communication, and Education Sciences, as to the Development of Consciousness Science, all at once becoming a relevant consultant—in Argentina as in several other countries—to a great extent within the field of the civil society organizations. Likewise, he has conceived and taught the following year-long college subjects:


*  Communication and Group Work


*  Elements and Mechanisms of Social PsychologyAttitudinal and Behavioral of the Sociocultural, Political, Institutional, Economic, and Spiritual Being 


*  Philosophical Anthropology


for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years of the “Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising” and “Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic and Ad Designing” courses of “Instituto IDEAR” in Posadas, province of Misiones, Argentina.


   During the last 34 years (since 1986), he has been acting in the field of Non-Governmental Organizations, gaining a vast experience in diverse social concerns. He has been working towards the betterment of human, technical, and material conditions in the fields of housing, labor and employment, health, education, and basic needs, as towards the promotion of social and cultural development, social institutionalization, professional, economic, and industrial advancement, the preservation of the environment, and sustainable development; all of these with a great emphasis on human values and development, as well as on the resolution of conflicts by means of cooperation, mutual understanding, and proactive thinking and acting. He is a member of various non-governmental organizations—both, argentine and international—while all at once being co-founder of several of them.


   He is an earnest advocate for human values in all walks of life, as for right human relations, Human Rights, freedom of religion and belief, gender equality, cultural integration, global understanding, and peaceful coexistence among peoples, races, creeds, cultures, and nations.


   In 2003, he moves from Argentina to Europe, residing first in Geneva, Switzerland, then in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, and finally in Alicante City, Spain until June 2011.


   In 2003, Omar Nahúm was designated as a Representative to the UN Office in Geneva, Switzerland of two international NGOs acting in the field of Human Values and Development; namely,


– IPS ~ Institute for Planetary Synthesis(http://www.ipsgeneva.com/) and
– World Goodwill (https://www.lucistrust.org/world_goodwill)


   As a representative of these NGOs, he becomes a member of the following Geneva-based Committees of NGOs in consultative relationship with the United Nations:


* Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns.
* Committee on the Status of Woman.
* Committee on Freedom of Religion and Belief.
* Committee on Human Rights Education and Learning.
* Jumping the Fence” Task Force on Peace Initiatives.


  In February 2009, he is named Honorary Member of the “Movimiento Mundo del Nuevo Humanismo (World of New Humanism Movement) and designated as Representative of Council 97 to Spain, thus entrusted upon with co-organization duties in the World March for Peace and Non-violence undertaken between October 2nd, 2009 and January 2nd, 2010 from New Zealand to Argentinahttp://www.theworldmarch.org/ ].


   He is a co-founder of Asociación Civil MPM ~ Músicos Populares Misioneros (Pers. Jur. Nº A–3.964) (“MPM ~ Popular Musicians from Misiones” Association), as of Asociación Civil ARAMMIS ~ Asociación de Realizadores Audiovisuales Multimediales de Misiones (Pers. Jur. Nº A–4.097) (“ARAMMIS ~ Association of TV, Film & Multimedia Directors and Producers from Misiones”), and Asociación Civil ADAMM ~ Asociación de Danza Multidisciplinar de Misiones (“ADAMM ~ Multidisciplinary Dance Association from Misiones”). He is a member of the Board of Directors of “FA-MI ~ Federación Argentina de Músicos Independientes (FA-MI ~ Argentine Federation of Independent Musicians),” on behalf of Asociación Civil “MPM ~ Músicos Populares Misioneros” (“MPM ~ Popular Musicians from Misiones” Association). He is a co-founder and a member of the board of directors of “FAVA ~ Federación Audiovisual Argentina” (“FAVA ~ Argentine Federation of TV & Film Directors and Producers”).


   From August 2015 to August 2017—he acts as President of the abovementioned associations, ARAMMIS and ADAMM.


  Through the last 22 years (since 1998), he has been cooperating in around 30 NGOs which act in the fields of human values, environmental care, and scientific, sociocultural, and artistic development, besides assisting some other 100 in all continents.



Field of Languages


Omar Nahúm possesses a 36-year-long expertise (since 1984) in the instruction of the English Language—from initial to professional level—with an emphasis on the instruction to health professionals from diverse fields.


   He likewise has a 36-year-long expertise in the instruction of the Spanish Language—from initial to professional level— with an emphasis on the instruction to native English speakers.


   Through the last 32 years (since 1988), he has been working as an English-Spanish, Spanish-English Translator, and for the last 30 years (since 1990) as a Consecutive and Simultaneous Interpreter (English-Spanish, Spanish-English) in Argentina and other countries, for diverse institutions, government organizations, and business firms. In parallel, he translates books and articles for several international publishing companies and periodicals on varied subjects and professional and scientific disciplines. He is also a Book Editor in Spanish and English alike.



Mass Communication & The Media


As a certified TV & Radio Broadcast Producer and Director, and as a print media and a radio journalist, a print media, radio, and TV publicist, and a radio host, he has traced a 35-year-long career (since 1985) in local and national media with professional accomplishments marked by his technical and artistic excellence, as well as by his originality.


   In radio and TV, he has worked in the areas of direction, journalistic, art, marketing, and advertising production, 24/7 broadcast programming, and professional training. As an Expert in Mass Communication, he is specialized, among others, in the following branches:


* Comprehensive Communication Strategies * Multimedia Communication * Production Design Technical, Art & Marketing Production * Marketing Strategies * Professional Training * Staff Management * Entrepreneurial Management * Product & Service Globalization and Glocalization Designing.


   In 2000, he conceives and teaches the year-long college subject

* Radio Broadcast Production

for the 1st year of the “Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Journalism” Course of ‘Instituto Lenguas Vivas’ in Posadas, province of Misiones, Argentina.


   Through the last 25 years (since 1995), he provides “Print Media, Radio Broadcast, TV, and Multimedia Production Facilitation & Consultancy Services“, as also “Comprehensive Communication Strategies Facilitation & Consultancy” for Radio broadcasting, TV, and Multimedia companies, communications firms, product & service providers, industry, NGOs, professional endeavors, and independent business activities all in different countries.



Field of the Arts


In the field of arts, he studied acting, free dance, singing, visual arts, and film and TV production and directing.

   Since his childhood, he has been in direct contact with Arabian and Oriental culture and art, and since his adolescence he has earnestly taken to their anthropological study. He is the son of Lebanese parents, and he grew up in a family environment with rooted Oriental customs in “Palermo Viejo”, also known as “The Arab Neighborhood”; an area replete with “Turquerías (Turkish Venues)”—a localism by which bars, restaurants, and clubs of the Arab-speaking community of Buenos Aires are called.

   In 1998, he started his professional career as an Arabian and Oriental Dancer, becoming one of the top Oriental dancers in Argentina, as well as a renowned instructor and mentor of several top dancers in Argentina and Europe. In this field, he is known as

~ Master Teacher ~ Omar Nahúm The Prince of Cedars

~ Master Teacher ~ Omar Nahúm El Príncipe De Los Cedros

an art name that he adopted in honor of the land of his parents and ancestors, Lebanon.


   In the year 2000, he creates and directs “TA.D.AR. (Taller de Danza Árabe de Misiones [Misiones Oriental Dance Workshop]), and in 2001 he founds “Ballet TA.D.AR., a dance ensemble giving public and private shows.

   His dance is characterized by his originality, creativeness, and expressiveness alike. It is filled with ethnic and cultural elements merging themselves beyond times and geographical regions to give birth to a composition of a universal value and a transcendental significance, interlacing different periods, contexts, and cultural perceptions. In this composition, harmony, beauty, and creativity stand out as the fundamental pillars of his artistic expression.

   He is no dancer or instructor on a choreographic basis but instead seeks the development of a creative and spontaneous personal style—both, in himself and in his students alike—as a means to consolidate one’s own artistic spirit. He performs and teaches this millenary art as a discipline of self-improvement and spiritual, intellectual, and psychophysical development, and as a celebration of human virtue, all at once. The purpose of his dance, as is also transmitted in his instruction, is the comprehensive development of one’s self and its consequent harmonious expression, which is manifested as ‘the harmony of the being in his relation with himself, with his fellow beings, and with his surroundings’.

   As an Arabian and Oriental Dance Instructor, he has trained dancers from Argentina, Chile, Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Switzerland, Germany, Turkey, Russia, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Armenia, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Australia.



Some Recent Activities


For the last 17 years (since 2003), Omar Nahúm has distributed his time among different European countries, as also in Argentina, working in the field of arts, languages, the media, and human, social, political, and education sciences, as well as in the field of NGOs dedicated to human development, social concerns, environmental care, science, culture, and art. In all these professional fields, he acts as an instructor, a comprehensive designer, a consultant, and a lecturer.

   During the last 25 years (since 1995), he works as an International Facilitator and Consultant in the following technical-scientific and professional areas:


* Personal and Professional Development


* Social, Cultural, and Community Development (including NGOs)


* Mass, Institutional, and Business Communication (Multimedia)


* Comprehensive Business Engineering


* Education (Comprehensive Learning and Training Processes)


* English & Spanish (Instruction, Translation, Book Editing)


* Artistic Production and Creative Processes


   In addition, he is a Specialist in


Pubic Policy Making, Delivery, and Implementation ~


   All at once, he edits books, as well as literary, technical, and scientific texts, both in Spanish and English, for international publishing companies, varied periodicals, and independent authors.


   In parallel, he teaches workshops on Yoga, Meditation, and Development of Consciousness, whose classes are followed in 15 countries in Latin America and Europe.


   In June 2011, he moves his residence back to Posadas, province of Misiones, Argentina.


   In 2014, he penned a Culture Bill for the Province of Misiones to create an ‘Institute for Cultural Development’—submitted on July 31st, 2014—while all at once moderating the popular debate on this bill’s concerns.
[ See http://leyculturamisiones.wordpress.com/ ]  

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