Education F&C



Instruction and Training Processes

Facilitation & Consultancy

(1998 – 2019)


My most frequent Instruction and Training Processes F&C Services  are:


* Holistic Self-training.


* Individual and Group Holistic Education and Training.


* Holistic Psychophysical Training.


* Holistic Education for and Training in Science.


* Holistic Education for and Training in Arts.


* Holistic Language Learning and Teaching.


* Holistic Professional & Entrepreneurial Training.


* Holistic Training in Development of Consciousness and Service.


* Holistic Training in Development of Virtue and Human Values.


* Holistic Training in Peace.


* Holistic Training in World Citizenship.


* Holistic Training in Sustainable Living.


* Education Projects and Programs (Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Graduate, and Postgraduate Education).


Public Policies:

* Education Development Public Policy Making, Delivery, and Implementation.


~ * ~


Facilitation & Consultancy Services


Personal Development Facilitation & Consultancy


Social and Community Development Facilitation & Consultancy


Language Facilitation & Consultancy


Communications and the Media Facilitation & Consultancy


Art Facilitation & Consultancy


Business Engineering Facilitation & Consultancy

~ * ~

To learn more about Facilitation and Consultancy, please, click on the link below






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