Personal and Professional Development F&C



Personal and Professional Development

Facilitation & Consultancy

(1993 – 2020)


My most frequent Personal and Professional Development F&C Services are:


* Self-awareness.


* Positive Self-perception and Self-improvement.


* Identification, Constructive Use, and Development of one’s own personal potentialities.


* Scientific Development of One’s Constructive and Creative Thinking.


* Comprehensive Psychophysical Development.


* Intellectual, Occupational, and Professional Development.


* Spiritual Development.


* Development of Consciousness.


* Challenge Identification, Voluntary Production, and Management.


* Constructive Communication.


* Development of Constructive Human Relations.


* Constructive Use of one’s Adversities and Crises.


* Sickness Neutralization and Constructive Transmutation.


* Trauma Neutralization and Constructive Transmutation.


* Technical-professional Development.


* Multi-disciplinary and Multi-professional Development.


Public Policies:

* Comprehensive Human Development Public Policy Making, Delivery, and Implementation.


~ * ~


Facilitation & Consultancy Services


Social, Cultural, and Community Development Facilitation & Consultancy


Education Facilitation & Consultancy


Language Facilitation & Consultancy


Communications and the Media Facilitation & Consultancy


Art Facilitation & Consultancy


Business, Entrepreneurial, and Industrial Engineering Facilitation & Consultancy

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