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I have been working in and for the Media (Print, Radio, TV, and Multimedia) since I was 15 years of age, in the fields of art realization in radio broadcast and TV, radio broadcast and TV production and directing, journalistic, art, marketing, and advertising production, 24/7 broadcast programming, and professional training, among others.

   In 1997, I graduated as a “TV and Radio Broadcast Producer and Director”.

   For the last 25 years (since 1995), I have been providing “Print Media, Radio Broadcast, TV, and Multimedia Production Facilitation & Consultancy Services”, as also “Comprehensive Communication Strategies Facilitation & Consultancy Services” for Print, Radio broadcasting, TV/Internet, and Multimedia companies, communications firms, product & service providers, industry, NGOs, professional endeavors, and independent business activities all in different countries.

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* Also see “Communications and the Media Facilitation & Consultancy” by clicking on the link below


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Some of My Research Interests,

Fields of Specialization,

Expertise, and Consulting




* Radio Broadcast Production & Directing.

* TV Production & Directing.

* Art Direction in Radio Broadcast and TV.

* Work & Workforce Dynamics in the Media.

* Multimedia Communication.

* Production Resources and Strategies.

* Production Design and Management: Work Plan and Budget.

* Promotional and Distribution Channels.

* Mass Media Organizational Structure: Areas, Departments, and Staff – Work Distribution and Assignment.

* Image Composing in TV & Film.

* Lighting – Sound – Storyboard – Props – Scenery – Make-up.

* Acting – Acting Directing.

* Casting.

* Staging.

* Radio Broadcast, TV, and Film Script.

* Sound for Radio Broadcast and TV – Sound Editing and Audio Processing.

* Musicalization.

* Dubbing Making and Directing.

* Visual Literacy and Composition.

* Iconicity and Symbolic AV Language.

* Ethics of the Mass Communication Professionals.

* Investigative Journalism – Newsworthiness – Sources of Information – News Production and Formats – TV & Radio News Program Genres – The Interview – Polls and Statistics – News Conference.

* TV and Radio Programs for Children and Youths.

* Advertising Designing and Production (Print, Radio Broadcast, and TV): Advertising Campaigns.

* Archive: Classification and Techniques.

* 24/7 Radio and Television Broadcast Programming.

* The Mass Media as Mass Communication Companies.





* Principles of Social Interaction and Development.

* Evolution of Communications.

* Communication as a Sociocultural Phenomenon.

* Communication as the Articulator of Social and Community Life.

* Evolution of Societies and their Contexts in relation to the Acting Communication.

* Communication Problems in Sociocultural, Economic, Political, Institutional, and Religious Contexts.

* Remote, Instantaneous, Collective, Universal, Interactive, Multimedia, Multipurpose, Multifunctional, Integrative, and Personalized Communication: Its psychosocial, cultural, economic, political, and spiritual implications.

* Mass Media as a Sociocultural Phenomenon.





* Principles of Communication.

* Communication as a Universal Principle.

* Communication and Human Constitution.

* The Human Being as an Instrument of Communication.

* The Human Being as a Producer of Communication.

* Language Evolution.

* Levels and Types of Communication.

* Language and Its Psychological and Psychosocial Implications.

* Language and Communication.

* Language, Communication, and Evolutionary Stages of the Person.

* Language, Communication, and Culture.

* Language, Communication, and Education.

* Intercultural and Multicultural Communication.

* Proactive Communication.

* Proactive Resolution of Communication Problems and Conflicts.

* Communication Therapy.

* Mass, Institutional, and Business Communication.

* Communications Systems.

* Communication Networks.

* Interactive Communication.

* Multimedia Communication.

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* Also see “Communications and the Media Facilitation & Consultancy” by clicking on the link below







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