{Some Lectures Delivered}



Some Lectures and Talks Delivered

(at NGOs, universities, diverse institutions, and private venues)


2003 through 2020


* The new paradigm of ‘Remote, Instantaneous Collective, Universal, Interactive, Personalized (Customized), Versatile, Multi-functional, and Integrative Communication’: Its psychosocial, cultural, economic, political, and spiritual implications.


* The New World Civic Paradigm: World Citizenship – New Concepts of ‘Nation’ and ‘State’.


* Society: The Great Learning and Teaching Field.


* Education on Values: Values as Education.


* Education and Human Progress: Human Progress as Education.


* Education for Peace: Peace as Education.


* Citizenship of Duty: Society and State of Duty (The Way towards the Respect for and the Attainment of Rights).


* Education on Duty: Duty as Education.


* Education and its Spiritual, Psychosocial, Cultural, Economic, and Political Implications.


* Holistic Education.


* Nature, Ecology, and Development of Consciousness.


* Anthropology of Arabian Dance (A Theoretical-practical Approach).


* Argentina: From Multiculturalism To A Fusion Culture.


* Development of Global Consciousness.


* The Present and Its Paradigm.


* Communication, Technology, Culture, and Human Development.


* The New World Culture: The Synthesis Between East and West (as a response to all the challenges of our time).


* The Universal Nation” ~ The Sociocultural Habitat of the World Citizens – Integration of all nations into a sole nation: The great answer to all the challenges of our time.








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