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Teaching Is Learning – Training Is Awakening


   Education is a science and an art and, as such, it is a spontaneous and creative activity. There are no two equal students, nor are there two identical moments in life. The true instruction arises spontaneously out of the conjunction between the particular student, their particular need for learning, and the particular moment in which the instructor and the instructed one meet together. Therefore, the instructor’s duty is that of being constantly attentive to these three factors (student, need, and moment), so as to be able to discriminate what to do and what to say at each particular moment, in response to each particular situation, in order to meet the specific need for learning. Hence the fact that the instructor must permanently stay in a continuous state of alertness and learning in order to know how to act at every instant. Humbleness alone shall allow the instructor to remain in that state and thereby discern what his duty is.


   When instruction does not come about as an act of spontaneity and creativity, it is an act devoid of every sense, purpose, and meaning.


   The true Teacher instructs:
   1)    Knowledge coupled with its corresponding human values.
   2)    Love of the subject being studied.
   3)    Consciousness towards the knowledge and the abilities intended to be developed.
   4)    Discipline and enthusiasm towards the study and the progress that it entails.
   5)    Responsibility.


   The true Student develops and applies:
   1)    Enthusiasm for learning and for training themselves in order to comprehend the subject of interest.
   2)    A sense of Responsibility towards the learning activity and the subject of their study.
   3)    Respect for and Commitment to their instructor.
   4)    Constancy and Discipline in their effort to learn and develop knowledge and abilities.
   5)    Love of their subject of study.


True knowledge is constructed and developed freely; it is neither taught nor imposed upon. That which the student is not able to construct by themselves does not represent to them any knowledge, since the only valid knowledge is that which comes about through one’s own experience and as a result of the development of one’s own consciousness. Solely does the knowledge constructed so become “comprehension” and may thus be put into action. All information that is taken as true without being exposed to the fire of one’s own consciousness is but futile data that is to someday be discarded from one’s mind for one to be able to progress and evolve.


   True knowledge is a living entity; consequently, the instructing and learning job is a spontaneous and creative act. Knowledge, in contact with each unique and unrepeatable (and always changing) person and at every unique and unrepeatable (and always changing) moment and context, produces a fresh result, unique and unrepeatable in itself. If this is not so, it is all about an imposition by the teacher as much as a blind acceptance by the student, which shall never lead into true development of consciousness and true comprehension. The fact that knowledge is always new does place the instructor into the role of a constant apprentice and learner; hence “Teaching Is Learning.”


   My specialty is Holistic Instruction and Learning. In holistic instruction and learning, the entire process is conceived, perceived, experienced, and carried out as a Comprehensive, Integrated, Organic, Progressive, Spiral, and Ascending process.


   a)    Comprehensive: The comprehensive conception of the instruction and learning is basically based upon the following recognition:
            1)    Considering the subject of study and its corresponding discipline as an indivisible whole: The whole always reflects itself in and corresponds with the part, and the part always reflects itself in and corresponds with the whole. Each element, part, aspect, and stage of the subject is an affirmation of the totality of the subject and its related discipline. Likewise, the totality of the subject and its related discipline affirms itself in each of its elements, parts, aspects, and stages. If this reflection and this correspondence do not manifest themselves in the instructing and the learning, each new element, part, area, and stage of the subject will just rebut and be antagonistic with all of the previous and the successive ones alike.
            2)    Subject of study and student are one sole entity: The instruction is to make manifest the existing correspondences between the principles, parts, and aspects of the subject being studied and its related discipline and the principles, parts, and aspects of the very person who intends to comprehend them. If the correspondence between the subject of study and the student is not duly established, comprehension shall not come about and neither will one’s pertinent development of consciousness. Instead, the student’s mind and perception will have been obstructed by a stockpile of lifeless information that is to someday be discarded from their mind to be able to progress and evolve.


   The particular study discipline must be observed and comprehended in its relation and correspondence with the universal whole, for “Everything Constitutes the Whole.” Only in this way can a clear vision and a faithful appreciation be obtained. No true discipline is antagonistic to any other one. Science and Philosophy are synonymus terms. The same is valid for all other study disciplines among themselves. “The Universe Is an Integral and Integrated Whole.” Nothing in It is contradictory. Life does not contradict itself; otherwise, nothing would connect to anything, and everything would be disconnected from everything. However, the universal reality only and constantly shows the reverse.


   It is not the nature of the diverse branches of knowledge and experience what is antagonistic but the incomprehension and the mental rigidness of the scholars of one or the other discipline is what makes them see inexistent disconnections, antagonism, and contradictions amongst the varied disciplines where only do exist the correlation, analogy, and reaffirmation of the same universal principles. In this distortion of perception and comprehension, pride and mental narrowness assume the leading role each time it is believed that the infinitesimal portion of knowledge observed represents all of the knowable universe, as upon not understanding that no matter how much knowledge has been gathered, this knowledge is always an infinitesimal portion itself when compared to the universe of knowable things. It is then imperative to grasp and assimilate that “Only Humbleness Leads to Virtue and True Knowledge.”


   The true student and the true instructor cultivate humbleness as the inescapable basis of their development and progress.


   b), c), d), e), f)  Integrated, Organic, Progressive, Spiral, and Ascending: Just as it occurs in the universal nature itself, every organism, every entity, or every being is itself a structuralized, functional, and integral whole which, in turn, constitutes a structural, functional, and integral part of a greater whole—of a greater organism, a greater entity, and a greater being. The same occurs in the internal structure of every discipline of study wherein each element, concept, and theme is itself a functional and integral structure within a greater whole; wherein every lesser piece of knowledge and comprehension leads up into a greater knowledge and comprehension in an ascending spiral embracing ever greater realities, developing ever broader and higher levels of the same basic truths. This is the b)Integrated,c)Organic,d)Progressive,e)Spiral,” and f)Ascending” nature of every discipline of knowledge which only emulates the very Nature of the Universe. This universal nature is, in itself, integrated, organic, progressive, spiral, and ascending: each element, structure, organism, entity, or being is integrated, organic, progressive, spiral, and ascending in itself, such as integrated, organic, progressive, spiral, and ascending is the structure and functioning of all the elements, parts, organisms, entities, and beings of the universe; just as our own DNA is.


   Within this comprehension, the training and the development of knowledge are conceived as a constant Awakening and Development of the latent potentialities, occurring these as a consequence of relating, connecting, and linking all along one’s personal nature to the nature of the discipline of study and the nature of the universe. Such awakening is a scientific, spontaneous, and creative process wherein Instructor and Student collaborate to produce results and progress forwards. This process is, by its nature, integral, integrated, organic, progressive, spiral, and ascending, just as our own DNA is.

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